The kitchen garden

There’s something so very satisfying about digging up garlic. Not to mention peeling broad beans away from their stalks or giving the mint a haircut. Today was harvest day, so a few of the lower East Building gardeners met to dig up everything we thought had grown enough to eat.

While it felt strange to set about destroying the plants we’ve so carefully nurtured, of course we’d planted all these herbs and veggies to be eaten and couldn’t wait to get our hands on them. Today’s crops will go straight from garden to kitchen, with an afternoon pit stop at the office.

Here’s Dan looking very pleased and proud with our very large bunch of garlic, while Julia and Justine get stuck in to the mammoth broad bean plants. Everyone’s looking forward to dinner!

Dan holding a large bunch of garlic

Dan and the garlic harvest 

Julia, Justine and broad beans
Julia and Justine get stuck in to the broad beans



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One Response to The kitchen garden

  1. danreeves1 says:

    Look forward to eating these this evening! The roof is an excelent place to get growing in London.

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