Garden Attack

A couple of weeks ago, Justine and I experienced first-hand the perils of roof gardening, while innocently tending the lower East Building plot. Here’s Justine, pruning things nicely.

Salad leaves


The lettuce and carrots were looking great, but we noticed the bed of cabbage had been rather ravaged…

Eaten cabbage


…and soon found the culprit! There was a little caterpillar in the planter. Here he is curled up on the left hand side of this leaf. We left him on his leaf on the floor, only to find…


Caterpillar on cabbage


…it turned out this little dude had LOTS of friends helping him munch his way through the cabbage crop. The planter was full of them! Where did they come from? We bravely ousted them from the planter one by one, and re-homed them on the wall next to it. Here’s a few of them, plus a snail.



Wall of caterpillars


But the caterpillars had other ideas! Here’s a close up of one acrobatically scaling the wall…

Caterpillar acrobatics


… and scooting back into the planter from underneath! I’ve never seen a caterpillar move so quickly – eek!

Caterpillar re-entry


Our original caterpillar then made a very determined bee line back to the planter too! I did warn Justine that he was coming directly for her – but wouldn’t let her move before I’d taken this photo of him on his way to attack her feet.

Caterpillar attack


We were both quite traumatised by the experience. Possibly, you had to be there.


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One Response to Garden Attack

  1. A hilariously told story! But indeed a real problem, especially if you are growing your dinner… Was pleased to discover several ladybirds on the sunflowers we grew after noticing a lot of blackfly. Eat and eat and eat little ladybirds! Not that I was planning on sunflowers for dinner, but you know what I mean right? 🙂

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