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On secret staircases, interstellar art and tomatoes

Today some of the LSE roof gardeners met in the Old Building to discuss Autumn-Winter planting. As it is a beautiful day we followed the meeting with a trip up the SCR’s secret staircase out onto the Shaw Library balcony. … Continue reading

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Garden Attack

A couple of weeks ago, Justine and I experienced first-hand the perils of roof gardening, while innocently tending the lower East Building plot. Here’s Justine, pruning things nicely.   The lettuce and carrots were looking great, but we noticed the … Continue reading

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The kitchen garden

There’s something so very satisfying about digging up garlic. Not to mention peeling broad beans away from their stalks or giving the mint a haircut. Today was harvest day, so a few of the lower East Building gardeners met to dig … Continue reading

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The winter garden

Gardening in winter is bad for the nerves. After the January snow and frost was over, the survival of our carefully, lovingly planted winter veggies was a huge relief. Then came the February snow, and then the March frost; a relentless onslaught … Continue reading

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Our East Building October harvest

I’m back and thawed out from today’s lunchtime harvest at the East Building garden. It’s a bit chilly outside! We had a bumper harvest of carrots, potatoes, tomatoes, rocket and lettuce, enough to split between seven carrier bags, one for … Continue reading

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