Plum tree fruiting

Shaw Library plums

It seems to be very early this year, but the weather has been very warm. Here is the Shaw Library balcony plum tree earlier this week.

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Fresh peas

We have harvested some fresh peas from the Shaw Library recently and they are delicious! There are more coming and the tomatoes are really taking off too!


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Peas are growing!

Arun and I attempted to tie some netting for the peas to grow up and it seems to have worked as here they are and we have some pods!


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Beans, tomatoes and peppers

We have planted more produce on the Shaw library garden and hoping the beans are ok being grown at a height! Tomatoes came up in three of our planters from last year and we’ve already harvested salad and radishes and need to plant more.

Shaw Library beans newly planted

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Spring is coming and the plum tree is in blossom

Plum blossom

The Plum tree on the Shaw Library is in blossom and the team have cleared the beds in preparation for spring planting. We’ll be starting in a few weeks time when the team get a chance to get together. This year we have beetroot, salad and herbs. We’ve also got some amazing sounding green peppers we will start off in my greenhouse before we plant out and some tomatoes we will do the same with! Photos to follow soon fro our planting day!

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Green tomato feast

Green tomatoes

Green tomatoes

Arun went today to collect some produce from the Shaw Library garden and he came back with green tomatoes. He is taking them to make a green tomato daal. We still have courgettes growing well, plenty of herbs and some aubergines, that are not doing so well. Our leeks are growing well, but it would be good to start our autumn planting soon.

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Courgettes flourish in summer heatwave!

The Shaw Library balcony has experienced plenty of sunshine and plenty of rain in the last few days and our courgettes after being slightly frazzled are now flourishing! I’ve just picked this little beauty to have for my tea tonight with some olive oil, Parmesan and a dash of lemon juice. Yummy!

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